Boost Your Instagram and TikTok Presence with Instagram Reels/TikTok Templates: Where to Find the Best Ones

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Summers are for more time spent outdoors doing all the fun things, but if you’re a content creator, ensuring you’re consistent with posting on social media is important no matter the season.

I don’t know about you, but i’m all about wanting to do the most without having to spend hours editing reels and TikTok’s from scratch. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love some of these easy ways to find templates that keep your Instagram feed looking great, no matter how busy you are doing other things.

  1. The ‘use template’ feature on Instagram is a great choice when you’re on the go, but you’re not entirely picky about the audio you want to use. Though, most audio clips do have reels with the use template feature, you’ll just need to go through a few before you find the template you want to use

2. CapCut has a large selection of user-created templates you can use. Whether you’re looking for something simple or 67 clips with all the edits and transitions, you’re bound to find one you’ll want to use. Simply download the CapCut app, head over to the template section (bottom of screen if you’re using an iPhone) and pick the one you like.

3. Using TikTok’s auto-sync feature. I love this one for 2 reasons. One, the sync feature is superior than Instagram, and two, you can download your edit before posting it on TikTok (without the watermark) and you can use that to post to Instagram Reels and/or YouTube Shorts. To use TikTok’s auto sync feature, choose the audio you’d like to use, upload multiple clips and TikTok does the rest for you. You can also edit what part of the clip you want in the edit, by tapping on ‘adjust clips’

4. Using Instagram. I know a lot of people who don’t have TikTok or would rather only use Instagram. Like TikTok, Instagram also has an auto-sync feature (which isn’t as great as TikTok’s, but they’ve come a long way). Choose the audio you want to use, upload multiple clips from your camera roll and Instagram will auto-sync the clips to your audio. Post. Others will then see the ‘use template’ feature when they come across your reel.

Hope you found this short post helpful!

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