When it comes to Instagram, ‘Share’ is mightier than ‘Save’

Yes, there I said it. Here’s why you should create more shareable content on Instagram

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This may be a hot take, but hear me out.

Many people will tell you that creating saveable posts is ideal for Instagram. While that may be partly true, creating shareable content is far superior in my opinion and experience.

As humans, we’re impatient and generally after instant gratification.

It is known that creating saveable content tells Instagram that people are interested in a specific post, so your post is shown to many others who are likely to enjoy or save similar content. But, there’s no instant gratification in that, it’s a waiting game, a waiting game many people on social media don’t have the time for and can’t really brag about.

But, shareable content, now that’s superior!

Here’s why:


The more your post is shared, the greater the chance that it will reach a wider audience in a short amount of time. This means more views on your post resulting in a higher likeliness that a new user tapping through to see what your post is about. It helps more people land on your Instagram page and decide if they want to follow you.


Each time someone posts your feed post to their Instagram story, on a public account, you can track the reshares and oftentimes, content creators/brands will post a screenshot of how many people have reshared a post to their stories. This helps provide social proof and relay to your followers that you create great, shareable content. Who wouldn’t want to see these wins without the waiting game, right?

Better Reach & Brand Awareness

When your audience saves a post on Instagram, they’re saving it because they’re interested in the post or the content of the post and plan to revisit it later, but really who really goes back into their bookmarked collections to see all the things they’ve saved? Definitely not me!

Second, everyone’s experience on Instagram is different. A person may post vacation…



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