How to upload High-Quality 4K Reels on Instagram

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2 min readMay 25, 2022

On an iPhone and want to know how to upload high-quality 4k photos, and videos to your Reels/Instagram stories? Read on!

It’s not just you, the upload quality on Instagram seems to be getting better and better with every new feature update Instagram releases.

The latest is Instagram Reels in 4k. So much so, I read a comment once on TikTok that made me chuckle. It went ‘Your videos are clearer than my eyesight.’

Here’s a YouTube Short outlining the steps to take on your iPhone:

On your Instagram app,

Go to Settings > Account > Data usage > High-quality uploads (Make sure that’s turned on)

Before uploading your reel:

Scroll down the page to advanced setting > scroll to the bottom and ensure that you’re uploading high quality reels

A couple more things:

  • Always wipe the camera lens before taking any photos and videos
  • Lower the exposure just a touch for a clear shot & vibrant brights. A little more if you want the dark, moody Instagram aesthetic.
  • Take it up a notch during the edit. On your iPhone, lower the exposure further down, increase the contrast a touch. Increase black a touch and you should have a clear, crisp and on-trend aesthetic.
  • The rear camera’s quality is a lot better than the front selfie camera, so try using that for most of your shots, yes including selfies.

There you have it—the easy, no-fuss way to upload high-quality reels on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

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