Here’s how you can use AI tools like ChatGPT and to turn your blogs into YouTube videos

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2 min readJan 12, 2023
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There’s been a lot of chatter lately when it comes to AI tools. They’re not new, but until ChatGPT, many of the good ones haven’t been free. Take, for example, Jasper, or Canva’s new Magic Write for that matter.

Chat GPT is free to everyone and has some interesting ways in which you can use the tool.

Want to explore ways in which to use AI tools to turn previously written blog posts into YouTube videos? Read on…

Copy/Paste the entire blog post into ChatGPT with the request: “Turn copy into 30 catchy bullet points. Make it sound friendly & human.” You can also enter an input saying, “summarize the following text into 30 one-liners.”

Surprisingly (or not), this resulted in better bullet points than with Canva’s Magic Write. Also, Magic Write caps you at a certain limit.

Once you have your bullet points, you can pick and choose the ones you want to keep, edit and tweak them to sound more on-brand (if needed).

Now, you’re ready to take it to and turn your blog post into a YouTube video. has a few options including importing a blog post, but often it doesn’t pick the parts of the blog that you’d want to add to a video. This could use some work.

Using the ‘sample script to live video’ feature, you can plug in the bullet points you got from Chat GPT. Steve AI then goes to add them as scenes.

You can choose between Live Video or Animation and add your music.

Live Video is a good option if you want to add some of your own clips, the animation works if you’re simply looking for a quick-to-use, generic template.

Test them both and see which you prefer, or what would serve your content (videos better).

Hope you found this simple ‘how-to’ helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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