3 super-easy ways to turn your Twitter posts (tweets) into Instagram Reels

Boost Your Social Media Presence: Learn How to Repurpose Your Tweets into Engaging Instagram Reels with These Simple Steps

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You enjoyed my previous post on “How to turn your tweets into Instagram posts” and I now bring you 3 easy ways you can turn your tweets, Apple notes, and reminders into Instagram Reels & TikToks.

It’s a short one, but it’s a good one!

Why 3 ways you may ask?

Well, there’s a quick and easy way and there are 2 that require a little more time and a little more work. Ideal if you’re looking for that 1080p / 4K quality.

Using Canva

Yup! Canva is awesome. There isn’t much that it can’t do at this point! Have you checked out their newly added features? Everything from AI-assisted Magic Write, blur image backgrounds, brand kit updates and a remove object feature! I digress! Back to your Instagram Reel.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Reel template in Canva. Add one of your own video clips or you can choose from Canva’s stock video library, they have quite the collection by the way!

Step 2: Copy the tweet link you want to be added to your Instagram Reel

Step 3: Add it to embed, position and save your video as mp4/video

Step 4: Create your reel, upload your saved video, add audio and your caption and reel away!

Here’s a video on how to use Canva’s embed feature.

Using Instagram Stories

This is by far the simplest & quickest way. It’s a hit & miss quality-wise, but…



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